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Tiffany & Co. GIA Certified 1.33ct Round Diamond Double Halo with Pink Diamonds Engagement Ring


Featuring an Unbelievable Tiffany & Co. GIA Certified .84ct D/VS1 Round Brilliant Natural Diamond Center

1 Carat Look, Center Diamond, Faces up Large

100% Authentic Tiffany & Co.

The Best of the Best

Laser Inscribed By Tiffany

Retails For $18,400 At Tiffany

Double Halo Setting Adds Volume to the Already Voluptuous .84ct G-VS1 Center Diamond

Get Noticed With the Fancy Vivid Pink Diamonds

Fancy Vivid Pink Diamonds Are Studded in 18K Rose Gold

Pink Diamonds are Rare

GIA Certificate with Tiffany Laser Inscription Printed On It

Irresistible Understated Elegance

100% Natural Diamonds

1.33 Carats Total Diamond Weight

Solid Platinum

See Pictures to View the Entire GIA Certificate

All Tiffany & Co. Hallmarks Are Intact

If you Would Like to Purchase Both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Together, the Band Will Only Be an Additional $900

Excellent Condition

GIA Certified Center Diamond Specs/Quality

1 Natural Diamond (Not Created, Enhanced or Man-Made) 100% Natural

.84 Carats Total Diamond Weight

Tiffany Laser Inscription “T&Co.Q04170378”

Shape: Round Brilliant

Color: D (Colorless)

Clarity: VS1 (No Visible Characteristics)

Cut: Excellent (Nearly all of the light entering the diamond is reflected back through the top allowing for maximum brilliance, sparkle, and fire)

Measurements: 5.99 – 6.03x 3.75 mm

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: Faint

Table: 56%

Depth: 62.4%

Pink Side Diamond Specs/Quality

16 Natural Diamonds (Not Created, Enhanced or Man-Made) 100% Natural

0.09 Carats Total Side Diamond Weight

Shape: Round Brilliant

Color: Fancy Vivid Pink


Side Diamond Specs/Quality

38 Natural Diamonds (Not Created, Enhanced or Man-Made) 100% Natural

0.40 Carats Total Side Diamond Weight

Shape: Round Brilliant

Color: D-G (Colorless)

Clarity: IF-VS2 (No Visible Characteristics)


Your Ring’s Specs

Size: 5.75 (Sizing Upon Visual Approval)

Metal: Platinum

Stamps: Tiffany & Co., PT950, AU750, 35726977, D0.84CT

Weight: 4.5 Grams


7.5mm Off the Finger

10.3mm in length (North/South)

19.6mm in width (East/West)


We strive to provide the most accurate descriptions possible. Please review our description thoroughly and evaluate our pictures to obtain additional details about the item.